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My Beginnings


I am a music artist, visual artist and electronic media producer.

I’ve earned a degree in communications design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

After graduating from FIT and relocating to Edmonds Washington, I now operate the visual media services dept. at Edmonds Community College.

I am a member of the electronic, techno-tribal group RhythmMethod along with my brother Maurice.

Together we played many live performances in New York City, Europe and North America.

My Favorite Work


My recent EP Rise of The Spirit, released in August 2019, on Electronfarm records, was a very rewarding experience.

I had the privilege to compose, produce, master and publish my music for the first time.

Collaborating with other artist is something I enjoy, working on projects with my brother Maurice is always a pleasure.

I also had the opportunity to work on a multimedia project with two talented artist, titled From the Edge of Understanding, a group installation showcasing a movie created by me with character narratives written by Feven Haile, and 100 mixed media images by Melissa Newell. 

My Life Today


I Love spending time with my family, they give my life meaning, balance and purpose, allowing my creativity to blossom.

I am promoting my EP Rise of The Spirit and plan to explore new music and visual horizons this year.

Summer of Love

Song 1 Rise of The Spirit EP

Rise of The Spirit

Song 2 Rise of The Spirit EP

Don’t Forget Your Dreams

Song 3 Rise of The Spirit EP

Nabta Playa

Song 4 Rise of The Spirit EP

Middle Passage

Song 1 Spacious skies EP

Spacious Skies

Song 2 Spacious skies EP

Life Time

Song 3 Spacious skies EP

Spacious Skies Video

Song Video 2 Spacious skies EP

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